Entradero Combo Fix

Entradero Users,

Some of you have noticed that the new lock Jeff recently installed on the north gate was set to an older combination. Jeff has since reset it to the most recent combo. Both north and south gates again have the same combo and Jeff apologizes for the "senior moment" :-) Hope to see you at the field!


Entradero Update

Entradero users:

Jeff tells me he has added a new Baseball/PSF padlock to the north gate at Entradero - same combination. Please let a club officer know if you have any difficulties. Thanks.


The Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial

Did you know there's a memorial in Central Illinois commemorating the sacrifices of our military men and women in the Middle East conflicts? Sid sent me a link to an inspirational YouTube video describing the memorial and the amazing events that occur there every year. I thought the membership would be interested to see it. Thanks, Sid!

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Tow Launch Technique

On a beautiful winter morning, Allen and Mike demonstrated the tricky technique required to successfully tow an RC glider behind an RC airplane. Allen pilots his Piper Cub and tows Mike's wing to a successful flight and landing. Like many maneuvers in RC flying, it looks way easier than it actually is!

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Drones Fly-In

The LA/OC Drone User's Group will be holding a fly-in at the vacant lot at CSU Dominguez Hills this Saturday (6/29) starting at 10:00am. Why not come out and experience the fun?

Next PSF Club Meeting

The next general meeting of the Peninsula Silent Flyers will be held Wednesday, 7/3, at 7:30pm at the community center in La Romeria Park. Please join us for lively discussions, "show-and-tell" and the always-popular raffle. See you then!


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